Northern & Shell

I was given the opportunity to spend a few days at the Northern and Shell subbing office in Lancashire on work placement.

This was a work placement like nothing I had been on before. I have always been a writing focused person when it comes to my experience in the industry so having the chance to proof read, fact check and sub-editing pages of the Northern and Shell magazines was very different.

I was allowed to sub, proof and fact check articles for a number of publications including Now Magazine, TV Life and the magazine. Each of which has its own style guide so it did get a bit confusing at times as to which was right and which was wrong.

Admittedly I was a bit out of the comfort zone, but i put my best foot forward and I was even asked to write a piece of copy for the magazine.

This experience is one that although might be seen as boring to some, was actually very insightful into how a magazine works and how much time and effort goes into checking every single word. I can sympathise a lot with sub-editors now and I feel that I have learnt some valuable skills.

Below is the Spa of the Week piece I wrote.


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