Lancashire Bloggers

LANCASHIRE BLOGGERS (3)Being the organised person that I am and not one to miss out on an opportunity I decided to create something rather small yet special on social media.

When I noticed that there was an abundance of Twitter and Facebook accounts dedicated to Manchester, Liverpool and North West based bloggers, yet nothing for the Lancashire side of things I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Over the weekend I decided to set up a Facebook group and create a Twitter account called Lancashire Bloggers. Following the same sort of format as other blog sharing groups I wanted to make a place where Lancashire based bloggers and those from the surrounding areas can share advice, meet each other and work with local businesses.

It’s only small and very new but I thought it was worth a go.

If you are a Lancashire based blogger or vlogger for that matter feel free to join our little group and tweet us.

Twitter | Facebook



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