The Plymouth Herald


After spending a week with Western Morning News I moved onto the Plymouth Herald. The work was very different to what I had been doing the previous week but it kept me on my toes. I found some big quirky stories and some good page leads for the actual paper itself.

The editorial team said they have been very please with my work and enthusiasm and I have been invited back with the possibility of being paid.

Bellow are some of the articles I did that got put online, I have also had a fair few in the newspaper.

Queen guitarist Brian May writes a letter to the people of Plymouth.

Snake under the floorboards still terrorising Plymouth family.

Polish family move to Plymouth because it looks nice on Google street view.

Fancy living in the mysterious river Tamar houseboat?

Houseboat up for sale for £44,950 yesterday will now cost you £125,000 – after seller remembered ‘size of garden’

Where are Plymouth’s £3.7m Lottery-winning Tesco workers a year after Jackpot win?

Fans speak of their excitement as MTV Crashes Plymouth gets under way.

Plymouth lottery winner once year on; ‘ I still work at Tesco, I just have nice holidays’

Surfers hit waves every day for a month – in bid to quit smoking


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